Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dollar Bill Rabbit, by Seth Friedman

Seth posted a photo of this model, and soon after there was a request on the Origami Forum for someone to reverse-engineer it. Being the r/e junkie I am, I gave it a shot, and got pretty close, so I asked Seth if I could post a CP, and he said yes! So here it is. Thank you, Seth!

Diagrams (well, a progressive crease pattern) are right here.

*UPDATE* Google has blacklisted parts of the file hosting service I use to post the diagrams. I've moved this one over to a separate part of their server and it seems to be working, but just to let you all know-- it's not my content that's causing the warning, the whole files.getdropbox.com subdomain has been blocked. The people at dropbox are doing everything they can to fix the issue, and if it's not resolved soon, I'll switch to a new hosting service for the .pdf diagrams.


  1. When I click the link to the diagrams, Google Chrome warns me that the site hosts malware and may be harmful to my computer.

  2. Thank you for telling me-- I've looked into it, and hopefully fixed it for the time being. It seems somebody was using the dropbox.com platform to spread malware of some sort; I don't know the details, but dropbox's other users have been reporting similar problems.