Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gaudi Cube, by Andrew Hudson

Week 17. Three weeks left before my school gets out for the year-- so I'm busy performing and studying for finals, instead of diagramming like I should be. I need to get my priorities straight! :-P

This week I've made a variation on an earlier design of mine, and diagrammed them both-- I hope you enjoy folding them!

The original model can be folded easily out of 6" kami or printer paper, but I recommend at least 15 inch kami or foil for the variation. There are a lot of layers, and it gets kind of small. (I did it with 10", but then I've been doing a lot of small folding recently)

Diagrams here. Have fun folding!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cassowary - Sebastian Arellano

This week we have Sebastian Arellano's Cassowary.

When I first received these diagrams, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed reading through the folding sequence on page 2... until I saw where it was going! There is a very cool trick used to give the body its volume and shape.  In fact, page 3 is just filled with great stuff!  And how often do you see an origami Cassowary!

Cassowary - Sebastian Arellano

The version in the photo above was folded by Sebastian himself. I folded one too, but I don't have any black paper ready, and white/yellow origami paper just could not do this giant wingless bird justice.


And as always, we'd love to see your photos! Also, remember to return for next week's installment of Origami Weekly!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cross - Jared Needle

Cross - Jared Needle, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

Happy Easter!

I designed the first version of this cross back in 2006. I've changed it a bit over the years, eventually happening upon 1/3 being the magic reference point that made all the flaps of desired width.

This simple-looking design contains quite a few treats for the folder. There is a tight closed-sink--it's not super difficult, but you have to be careful. Also, it uses three different locking procedures to keep it together.

Here are the diagrams:

Cross - Jared Needle

The version above was folded by me from a 6 inch square of origami paper.

As usual, thanks for being a part of Origami Weekly. Remember, we are always interested in seeing you all fold our work!

See you again next week!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiger Shark - Andrew Hudson

It's April! For this week, Andrew Hudson has drawn diagrams of his Tiger Shark. It's from a frog base, and it contains a few tricky/fun maneuvers.

Diagrams: Tiger Shark - Andrew Hudson

The version above was folded by Jared Needle, from an 8.5 inch square of copy paper.

As always, we thank you for checking out Origami Weekly, encourage you all to post photos of your foldings, and remind you to come back for next week's edition of Origami Weekly!