Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leafhopper, by Ryan Welsh

Leafhopper, by Ryan Welsh, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

This week we've got another model from Ryan Welsh, and it's the first insect we've featured so far. I have to say, I really enjoyed folding this model; he uses the wonderful coincidences of eightfold symmetry to great effect.

Diagrams here.


  1. I didn't fold it yet, but as I took a look at the diagram, I was astonished ! It's great, with a style like Montroll's or Lang's diagrams.
    Thank you, and congrats !

  2. When I try to load it, it says:
    "File damaged, could not be repaired"
    What to do? D:

  3. Same here - I get "File damaged, could not be repaired." Hope it's fixed soon, this looks a terrific model to fold!