Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 4 - Red Knot

Howdy folks, can you believe we're already on week 4!

With the thousands of works from a bird base, you may have thought it had lost its magic. And then here comes Andrew Hudson, with this adorable little shorebird, the Red Knot.

It's got a nice clean appearance, and the folding sequence is full of fun little wraps to achieve the coloring. I had a lot of fun folding the one pictured above.

Diagrams here: Knot - Andrew Hudson.pdf

And for those intrepid folders out there who'd like to give it some toes, here's a crease pattern. Knot CP - Andrew Hudson.pdf

As always, keep on folding and keep on returning. See y'all next week!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parasaurolophus and Closing the Bag


Welcome back to the third installment of Origami Weekly! We've got another round of diagrams for you this time; Andrew Hudson has drawn up a crease-pattern for his Parasaurolophus. This model uses an interesting combination of closed-back and open-back techniques to achieve a more realistic form.

Crease Pattern here:
Parasaurolophus CP - Andrew Hudson

Also for this week, Jared Needle has written down his much-tested method of closing chip bags. This is one of the most useful origami folds I think you'll ever come across, and I think you'll find it surprisingly durable despite its elegance.

Diagrams here:
How to Close a Bag of Chips - Jared Needle

Happy folding, and I hope to see you again next week!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowflake and Rabbit

Snowflake - Jared Needle

We're now in the second week of the Origami Weekly calendar-- we're glad you've come back! We have two more items for you this week. If you couldn't fold the CP from last week, well-- No worries! Diagrams are here, so the rest of us can fold it too, while it's still winter! This is one of many variations Jared's come up with. Can you come up with your own? Take a picture and send it to us if you do!

We probably won't do this for future creasepatterns, although we'll try to include some tips on how to go about folding the ones we publish.

Rabbit - Hsi Hua Liu

For our second item this week, we're introducing our first guest artist, Hsi-Hua Liu, from Taiwan. He's sent us a crease pattern for his latest creation, a color-changed rabbit. It's a good model and I had a lot of fun folding it... I hope you will too.

Keep on folding, and don't forget to drop in again next week!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

Welcome to Origami Weekly! This is a weekly diagram calendar, made for the origami enthusiast instead of the commercially available beginner's calendars. Every Monday we'll release a new diagram, unpublished and unseen, except by our design team. We hope you'll come back to visit!

For our first week, we have Andrew Hudson's Green Tree Python. This model uses a fractal pattern in steps 8-9 to more accurately reflect the tapered shape of a snake.

Diagrams are here:

Also, we're giving out the CP for next week's model, Jared Needle's Snowflake.


Crease Pattern available here:

Have fun folding, we'll see you next week!