Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spilled Cup of Water, by Andrew Hudson

This model was inspired by one of our previous posts, a Cup of Water by Silas Vriend. I was sitting here, wasting away in the summer heat, thinking of nice, cool things like water, and flipping through Flickr photos, when I saw Silas' post, and an idea formed in my head of how to fold this.

Diagrams here.

Some advice-- use something that will hold a crease well, not foil; and fold from printer paper or larger, step 25 is really, really hard to do if you've never done those before. I should also say, the lines made in step 18 are 22.5ยบ

If you get stuck on the last step, try taking a look at some of Philip Chapman-Bell's work-- he's used similar twist closures before.

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