Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tower Tessellation

Benjamin Parker's Tower Tessellation

Welcome back to our fifth week! For this week we have our first tessellation of the year. Benjamin Parker agreed to make diagrams for his Stacked Pleats and Tower Tessellation as this week's main post.

Diagrams here: Tower Tess - Ben Parker

Tower Tess, Logarithmic Version

Coincidentally, this is a molecule that I had made a variation on, so I've posted that variation as a CP to go along with it.

CP here: Stacked Pleats CP - Andrew Hudson


  1. i like this blog! hope that i would be able to contribute one day

  2. Waaaaa!!!! The link for this one is not working. It starts to upload, very nicely, and suddenly stops and says the file is damaged. Could you clarify me if my computer has gone crazy or the file is really damaged?

  3. Well Steven, if you'd like to diagram your Devil riding a crane, that would be awesome, and we'd be happy to feature it!

    It's not just your computer, Finward. Andrew and I had no problems with it, but others have. I've changed the link, as well as making them both clickable. It should work now.


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