Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts for V-Day

Benjamin Parker's Tower Tessellation

Valentine's Day is this weekend, so it's time for some hearts! This week features three works. All created by me (Jared).

First, we have diagrams for a Pureland Diamond with a Seamless Heart. I created it just last night.
Pureland Diamond with a Seamless Heart - Jared Needle

Next we have the CP for a heart I designed back in 2003. It's fairly simple, but does have some higher level moves (closed-ish sinks)
Heart CP - Jared Needle

Finally we have the focus of this week's post. It's the crease pattern for my Heart Card. I designed it in 2004, based on the heart. I am extremely proud of it still. It's a heart-shaped card, and it opens.
Heart Card CP - Jared Needle

Have fun folding, and we would love to see you fold the Heart Card, along with any other Origami Weekly works you've folded. Don't hold back on the photos!


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