Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 4 - Red Knot

Howdy folks, can you believe we're already on week 4!

With the thousands of works from a bird base, you may have thought it had lost its magic. And then here comes Andrew Hudson, with this adorable little shorebird, the Red Knot.

It's got a nice clean appearance, and the folding sequence is full of fun little wraps to achieve the coloring. I had a lot of fun folding the one pictured above.

Diagrams here: Knot - Andrew Hudson.pdf

And for those intrepid folders out there who'd like to give it some toes, here's a crease pattern. Knot CP - Andrew Hudson.pdf

As always, keep on folding and keep on returning. See y'all next week!



  1. Hello!

    A very elegant model.

    So goog diagrams... Hey Andrey, which software did you use to produce them?

  2. Inkscape. It's free and it works well on Mac and PC both. for download.

  3. this my is preferred model of origami weekly !!! English is bad…