Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spinosaurus - Shuki Kato

Spinosaurus - Shuki Kato, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

This weekend is the Pacific Coast Origami Conference in San Francisco. Andrew and I will both be there. Since we will be having such and awesome time at the convention, I thought it would be nice to pass a little awesome onto y’all.

This is my favorite diagram of the year. Not just my favorite Origami Weekly release, but my favorite, period.

This week we present to you diagrams for Shuki Kato’s Spinosaurus.

Yes, you read that right. 130 steps.

The Spinosaurus is my favorite dinosaur, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find these sitting in my inbox some weeks ago.

Who knew diagonal box-pleating could be so fun!

Spinosaurus - Shuki Kato

The version above was folded by me, Jared, from a 35 cm square of double MC tissue paper. It is slightly modified to have more pronounced spines, and a forward-pointing sail, as is my favorite interpretation.

Many thanks to my friend Shuki!


  1. I hope to know other Shuki's work by his site!! His origami works are amazing!!

  2. Thanks for the diagram!
    I am trying but I am having some troubles in step 38.
    May I have your e-mail to ask an specific question attaching some drawings? Or maybe Shuki's mail?

    Oscar Rojas

  3. Flawless work :), I always had a doubt, how could you remember all those 130 steps? can you make this model without refering to the diagram? can a origamist fold complex models without refering to diagrams?

  4. I can fold a number of diagrams without referring to diagrams. I remember the more complex ones by just remembering like a chain. The first steps you have to memorize, but as you do those steps they trigger the instructions to the other steps in your brain and it just flows as you make it.

  5. Thanks very much Anderson, Oscar and bhuski!

    Oscar: You can e-mail me, my address is

    bhuski: Before I made these diagrams I always just referred to the CP and an older folded model.

  6. can someone tell me where i can find instructions to this spinosaurus that do not require acrobat reader (ie: not a pdf file.)my computer will not open them.

  7. where do i find the diagram and where do i click on to find the diagram please respond

  8. the thing isnt working for me :( can someone explain why?